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Terms and Conditions

1. RV Media will not be liable for any mistake or loss caused by error due to inaccuracies in the publishing of any advertisement or for any circumstances arising there from.
2. RV Media has at its absolute discreation the right to change the position of any Advertisement accepted.
3. If the contract is terminated by the customers before the service under this agreementbegan execution or are in process of completation that in such event under no circumstance the considration period or agreed to be paid by the customer shall be refundable & same shall be forfeited in full.
4. Full payment is due prior to all advertisement being placed.
5. The Advertiser hereby grants to RV Media & Entertainment a worldwide license to reproduce,display and copy the Advertisement in the RV Guide Line.
6. All Artwork,pictures supplied by you for any advertisement/Website must be your own,or you have permission to use such artwork.Advertiser agrees to indemnify and hold the RV Media & Entertainment harmless from any intellectual property copyright and trademark infringement based on material furnished in connection with advertisement.
7. RV Media & Entertainment will not be liable for any third party using the information from the RV guide line.
8. This contract shall be governed by the laws of India and any dispute will be resolved exclusively Noida juridiction.
9. RV Media reserve the right to change for any addition work executed from our side.
10. RV Media makes no representation warranty or guarantee of any kind of level of sales,purchase,clicks and ranks shall lead or other performance that customer can expect from advertising campagin through RV Media any estimates provided by RV Media to the customers are not intended to create any binding obligations or to be replied upon the customer and the same are mere estimates.
11. Advertisement space in RV Trade Guide shall be valid only for single Edition ,unless specified otherwise.
12. RV Media will not be responsible for performance guarantee in terms of Search Engine rank, Order, No. of Enquiry,No. of Likes etc.
13. RV Media reserve the right torefuse or cancel any services requirement at its sole direction with or without cause at any time .
14. RV Media reserves the right to add or change the above terms & conditions as and when required without giving any prior notice or assigning any reason thereof and it is your responsibility as a user to refer to the terms on accessing this service. Changes made by us will be deemed to have accepted, if you continued to use service thereafter.
15.In Case Your Full payment not received till Closing Date,then We shall not be responsible for Printing your Ads.